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Hypnosis can help you achieve states of relaxation most people did not know they could achieve. It can be very effective alone or in tandem with medical treatment for many ailments. I offer hypnosis to help you with:

-Pregnancy complaints (stress, nausea, pain, and more)

-Bonding with baby during pregnancy

- In tandem with fertility treatment (IVF etc.)

-Weight loss, quitting smoking, anxiety, depression, forgiveness, sleep, pain management, previous lives, trauma and much more.

-Child hypnosis

                  Cost: 100 Euros per 1.5 hour session


Private Classes


A complete course consists of four sessions, approximately 2.5 -3 hours each, for expectant mothers and the birthing companion of her choice. Sessions take place in my practice (Kusterdingen 72127) or in your home.  Costs include: the HypnoBirthing book by Marie Mongan, self-hypnosis scripts for parents to practice at home, as well as telephone and  Email support.

                         In the practice: 460 Euros for 4 x 2.5 hours

                         In your home: 560 Euros for 4 x 2.5 hours

* Nobody has ever been turned away due to financial reasons. If you and your family need to talk about a sliding scale fee, feel free to just give me a call.


Insurance: In some cases the (for example through the AOK) insurance will cover some or all the cost of a course  with StarkSanftGeburt. It is worth calling your insurance to see if they will do the same.

    Traditional hypnosis: 100 Euros per session (approximately 90 minutes)

* All women deserve a happy pregnancy and a gentle birth free of fear. If you are currently experiencing financial difficulties, please contact me about an adjustment in pricing. I offer my services because I am passionate about your wellbeing.


Please transfer a 150 Euro deposit to confirm registration, for both group and private classes, once the dates of the initial class has been confirmed by the instructor. The remaining sum should kindly be transferred up to 7 days before the first session.  Please give your name as the reference for the transfer.

-Many Thanks-

Dr. Marjorie Kinney
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