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Supporting you to achieve your desired birthing experience.

Giving you the strength for a gentle birth.


Stark.Sanft.Geburt. translates as Strong.Gentle.Birth. I believe that in order for a woman to achieve a gentle birth, she must be strong. Being informed about the birthing process, your birthing options, and your own body make you strong. HypnoBirthing teaches expectant couples methods and techniques that help you to achieve a birthing experience that is natural, gentle, and above all in your own hands - and not disrupted by unnecessary interventions.

I am thrilled to share the wonderful world of HypnoBirthing with you. My HypnoBirthing course will give you the best preparation and tools to accomplish your desired birth. You will gain the strength to attain a gentle birth.


Contact me to find out how I can best help you on your birthing journey or if you have any questions.


Why I am passionate about HypnoBirthing

I have had a long personal and professional interest in the development of a secure attachment between mother and child – a bond that starts during pregnancy and affects many aspects of life throughout the entire lifetime. As a psychologist, I know the risks and have seen the effects of early childhood stress. Even negative experiences while still in the womb and during birth can have negative long-term effects. The good news is, a strong attachment with a parent can prevent many of the negative effects of stress during childhood and adulthood.

In addition, I have experienced personally and ​witnessed professionally the wonderful effects of meditation, mindfulness and hypnosis during times of stress and strain. I have seen how people who practice self-hypnosis can get through difficult times with self-confidence and courage, knowing that all the resources they need can be found within themselves.

The first time I learned about HypnoBirthing I was completely taken aback. Here is a method that ​helps parents bond with each other and their baby during pregnancy AND gives them the tools they need to gain the strength to achieve a gentle, natural birth. I feel honored to be able to share HypnoBirthing with you.



Private Classes

Mother + Birthing Companion


Mother + Birthing Companion

Don't Want to Drive?

The full HypnoBirthing course can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Hypnobirthing with StarkSanftGeburt was the best investment of time, energy and money I could have made in my pregnancy. I wish had done this for my first two pregnancies. Marjorie equipped me with the tools I needed for a positive birthing experience and helped me to disconnect from my fears caused by previous traumatic births.
Marjorie is informative and factual , her presence reassuring and her voice soothing . She is calm personified.
I can not recommend Hypnobirthing with Marjorie enough if you have any worries about giving birth , or have had a previous negative experience, or even if you are a first timer just looking to have the best possible birthing experience

Z. Leitz

"A baby fills a place in your heart you never knew was empty."

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Are you interested in taking a HypnoBirthing class? Maybe you have some questions first? Feel free to contact me via Email or phone.


Dr. Marjorie Kinney

Email: starksanftgeburt@gmail.com

Telephone: 01766 258 0290