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Are you interested in participating in a HypnoBirthing? Maybe you have some questions you'd like to ask first? Please contact me via Email or telephone with any questions and concerns you may have.

                              - Yours, Marjorie

A few of the things you will learn in HypnoBirthing...

  • Relaxation and self-hypnosis methods that will replace potential fear and discomfort with self-assurance and peace of mind.

  • Techniques that can shorten and ease the discomfort of labor.

  • About the natural production of pain reducing natural chemicals produced by your body.

  • Relaxation and breathing techniques for during and between birth contractions.

  • Ways of building a secure bonding attachment between you and your baby during and after pregnancy.

  • Discussions and tips on life with a newborn.

Private Classes

Mother + Birthing companion of choice

For expectant parents who need more flexibility in planning the dates and times of their HypnoBirthing classes or who simply wish to enjoy this time together as couple, private classes are the right choice.

Private classes are ideal for couples simply looking for a awesome way to prepare for birth, but are also ideal for couples who have a particular concern they need support for, such as a previous traumatic birth or postpartum depression.

Private classes can be held in your home or in my practice.


You've taken a HypnoBirthing class and now your due date is getting closer and closer. If you and your birthing companion want a quick rehearsal of the most important methods and information before the birth, a refresher is just the thing for you.

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My body opens,

my mind quiets,

my baby descends.